2017 VMware Conversation – Digital Transformation

2017 VMware Conversation – Digital Transformation

I’m the Technical Partner Manager at VMware and I’m here to talk to you about Digital Transformation. Digital Transformation is all about creating new possibilities for your business. At VMware, we have seen 4 common strategic IT priorities that customers such as yourself are looking to solve currently.

One is to Modernize the Data Center, which will increase business agility and responsiveness to change while at the same time driving greater cost efficiency. VMware has been a pioneer in virtualizing the datacenter. Our customers now are looking beyond server virtualization into storage, networking, management and automation. VMware has the tools to help automate your IT and modernize your infrastructure on an industry-standard Software-Defined Data Center. This platform will also entitle you to host modern applications in addition to you legacy applications.

Another common priority we see from our customers is to integrate with the public cloud. 67% of our enterprise customers see an environment where they would rely on multiple clouds. VMware can seamlessly extend your on-premises private cloud to the public cloud to give you a true hybrid cloud platform. You can do this today with VMware’s vCloud Air, or IBM Cloud and soon with Amazon AWS. With our Cross-Cloud Architecture, you will also be able to manage and secure many other public clouds to give you a single management control plane as you work with multiple cloud environments.

For the end users, mobility is redefining experiences. Empower digital workspaces is another priority many of our customers are tackling today. 2 out of 3 employees are using personal devices for work. With VMware’s Workspace ONE, we can help you simplify Application access and management, unify endpoint and device management as well as transform your Windows 10 delivery. Helping you do this securely across mobile, desktop and SaaS based applications using Single-Sign On with multiple heterogeneous devices.

Lastly, this brings us to Security. Cybersecurity remains a top priority for our customers such as yourself. We have seen an increase in data breaches and ransomware over the past few years. VMware can secure your application infrastructure, secure the multiple clouds that you’re integrating with as well as securing the endpoint devices.

In summary, VMware’s integrated architecture will allow you to modernize the data center with SDDC, help you integrate and extend to public clouds with Cross-Cloud Architecture, transform your users’ digital workspaces and at the same time secure your entire environment to mitigate any cyber-attacks. Please let us know if we can help you in your journey to digital transformation.