Digtal Transformation with Digital Workspace

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Digital Workspace is all about delivering Any App on Any Device.
It starts with Applications.
We have Windows Apps, Web/SaaS based Apps and Mobile Apps.
On the bottom, we have different platforms or devices.
Mobile with iOS and Android devices, Desktops with Windows, Mac and ChromeOS.
To provide a great experience and right security for users we can not have vertical silos.
Today we have silos across applications and silos across each platform.
That is not a sustainable strategy. Poor security that can be easily exploited. We have seen a large increase of security breaches in recent years.
In addition to applications, we also need access to documents or files.
Let’s start with management and security of endpoints. What VMware has done that is unique is to have one fabric that spans across multiple devices or endpoints.
This is the industry leading solution called AirWatch.
It started with Mobile. It can both manage and secure the endpoint but at the same time query the endpoint to get context about the device. This tier is called UEM (Unified Endpoint Management). We have done this across mobile devices as well as desktops.
On top of this, we have built one single access tier and it’s all based on Identity & Access. Instead of these silos, we can access all these applications and documents all in one place. This tier communicates with the Unified Endpoint Management and users’ devices to provide a catalog of all applications similar to an experience like the Apple AppStore or Google Play store. This tier also provides self-service experience like password resets. It also provides SSO of all your applications across your mobile devices as well as desktops. This tier is also where IT Support can manage the experience for the users in a unified fashion. One place to manage all the endpoints and one place to deliver a great experience to the end users. That’s Any App on Any Device.
For Windows apps, these are often times 50% or sometimes 70% of all apps. The cost of management and the delivery of these apps need to go down. This is where we virtualize the infrastructure and lower the cost. This is where we virtualize the windows applications.
We started with Mobile then desktop by simply extending this platform. Digital Transformation also extends into other Connected Things. Connected Things can be rugged devices or perhaps in the near future IoT devices. Very soon, we will not only manage these devices but also extend the platform to allow you to manage the gateways. One platform enables this.
Today, Digital Transformation means you are going to continue to apply this to more and more use cases. You may have started with your LOB for enabling business mobility. Now you can go from there to BYO mobile devices to perhaps Branch Office or to Full Mobile Workers.
In summary, there are 3 things for everyone: don’t continue to build vertical silos. adopt a platform for end-user security that unifies the endpoint with access and experience and third prepare yourself to embrace for more and more use cases like IoT and other endpoints at the Edge.
What about other solutions like Microsoft? How is this different? Microsoft has certainly made some progress in recent years. They have certainly built their technologies tied to their platform and their products like Windows or Office365. However, this is just a small subset of what customers will use with different applications and different devices. For an optimal environment, you will need a platform that is committed to heterogeneity. This is where AirWatch shines. The underlying fabric that is unmatched by anyone. Microsoft continues to be a distant, far distant compared to the capabilities that AirWatch provides. Secondly, end user experience across all applications. If you look at Microsoft’s solution, it doesn’t give you a unified experience across different applications like Workspace ONE delivers. Across devices this is even more critical.
So, first industry-leading endpoint management technology. Second, our experience across all apps which includes Windows apps that can we can deliver via Workspace ONE. Third, is our key strategy to have an Open Ecosystem. Our technologies works across all devices, all applications and a security provider of your choice.