VMworld 2019 Recap

This is I believe my 11th consecutive VMworld US since VMworld 2008. Back to San Francisco this year. Over 20,000+ attendees gathered at the Moscone Center.

Day 1 Recap – “Tech in the age of any”

During the Day 1 General Session, we furthered our vision of Any App on Any Cloud to Any Device with the announcement of Project Pacific (Kubernetes embedded natively in vSphere!) and VMware Tanzu Portfolio. To me, these were monumental announcements that will affect how our customers run Kubernetes-based applications. With Project Pacific, a re-architecture of #vSphere with #Kubernetes as its control plane allows IT operators and developers to accelerate innovation by converging #Kubernetes, containers and VMs into #vSphere’s platform. Furthermore, Tanzu Mission Control gives you the flexibility to run K8s workloads anywhere and still provides a single management plane.

Project Pacific

Learn more about Project Pacific and VMware Tanzu:

“ESXi as a @kubernetesio node. Yea, we did it. Native containers faster than bare metal and a Kubelet implementation at the core. vSphere as the APIServer. All enabling virtualised K8S clusters as cattle.” – Ben Corrie, @bensdoings”


We also expanded on our Hybrid Cloud Solutions such as: vRealize Operations 8.0: http://bit.ly/341bYQc vRealize Automation 8.0: http://bit.ly/344AnEG vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.0: http://bit.ly/3407sRP, Wavefront, VMware Cloud Marketplace, powered by Bitnami, HCX, DRaaS and Data Protection with Dell EMC, and lastly proactive support with VMware Skyline.

“Simply put VMware Cloud Foundation is the fastest path to hybrid cloud”

Availability of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC “provides simple, more secure and scalable infrastructure delivered as-a-service to customers’ on-premises data center and edge locations” VMware Cloud on @DellEMC is now available: https://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2019/08/announcing-initial-availability-of-vmware-cloud-on-dell-emc.html Also Announced : VMware PKS on VCF on #VxRail. Run cloud native & traditional apps on the same platform. Automate #Kubernetes workload deployment. Check it out https://dell.to/2PfPlEr

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“Clearly VMware NSX is the market leader in software-defined networking”

CEO Pat Gelsinger summarizes the NSX portfolio—including the recent addition of Avi Networks!

Sanjay Poonen interviewed with leading customers, Gap and Freddie Mac.

Also on stage, Sanjay Poonen interviewed with leading customers, Gap and Freddie Mac. Freddie Mac discussed how they’re migrating all 590+ of their apps (95%+) (100 million lines of code) to the VMware Cloud on AWS. They’re already 2/3rd through and will be complete by Thanksgiving. Sanjay also unveiled innovations to our Workspace ONE platform that are enhancing the employee experience from hire to retire with industry-first concierge services and advanced management and security features.

New Study Shows Strong Cost Savings and ROI When Migrating to VMware Cloud on AWS. The composite organization has the following characteristics: 80 servers; 40 to 1 ratio of VMs to applications; $2 million annual software budget and a three-year contract. Overall, the study showed the composite organization saved 59 percent of operational costs in the cloud, versus the equivalent capacity on-premises. Additionally, the following risk-adjusted present value (PV) quantified benefits are representative of those experienced by the companies interviewed:

  • Avoided application redesign, totaling savings of $2.7M
  • Reduced labor hours for operations, saving $1.2M
  • Reduction in data center operating costs, totaling $1.4M
  • Software and hardware savings of $3.2M.

Download and read the full study here and visit the VMware Cloud On AWS ROI Estimator.

NVIDIA and VMware also announced their intent to deliver accelerated GPU services for VMware Cloud on AWS to power modern enterprise applications, including AI, machine learning and data analytics workflows. Nvidia, VMware partner to offer virtualized GPUs

“Working with NVIDIA to enable the next generation of AI and ML capabilities as part of the VMware Cloud platform.”

VMware enhanced Workspace ONE to deliver: Industry-first concierge services – including an AI-powered virtual assistant – embedded in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app for employees, and Digital Employee Experience Mgmt for IT to prevent computing issues before they occur. This enhances employee experiences from hire to retire as well as a new modern management, zero trust security and multi-cloud VDI innovations that empower IT to deliver the experiences modern workforces demand. https://blogs.vmware.com/euc/2019/08/vmworld-2019-workspaceone.html

Featured during Pat’s keynote, @TechSoup has helped over 1.8M nonprofit organizations advance their missions. Explore their #techforgood story – and learn how you can help: https://youtu.be/h37KMn2omb8

Day 2 Recap – “Make Your Mark”

Day 2’s general session started with demos of the announcements made in Day 1 by looking at a fictional T-shirt company, Tanzu Tees. We looked at the 4 major elements:

  • Build and Run
  • Connect and Protect
  • Manage
  • Experience

Fun fact: “At VMware internally, we create and destroy 500K containers and 1.3M VMs weekly as part of our development”

The demo shows VMware Cloud on Dell EMC providing the managed on-prem infrastructure to run the fully functional SDDC in the matter of hours after it’s received. With Project Pacific, 500,000+ vSphere customers will now have a great runtime environment for Kubernetes. Tanzu Mission Control provides the management of kubernetes at enterprise scale. This allows you to manage your kubernetes clusters from vSphere, AWS, Google and Azure no matter where they’re running. Creation of a new cluster can be provisioned to any cloud as well. Policy creation and role binding can now be done with a single click. Behind the scenes, Tanzu Mission Control is propagating the changes to all the different clusters regardless of where they live. This allows DevOps team to manage fleets of K8s cluster across multiple clouds at enterprise scale.

In just a few clicks I micro-segmented an app using the power of machine learning… BOOM!”

From Tanzu Mission Control, we leverage NSX Service Mesh to look at Performance Assurance. The demo shows a violation being triggered which then automates the AVI Network Load Balancer to reroute the traffic to the surviving cluster. In a few minutes, the self-healing aspect of the platform remediated itself. Nice!!

“Moved running infrastructure, running applications from an Azure data center to an AWS data center. That’s pretty epic, but why would we want to do that?” vMotion. Just. Because. We. Can.

Day 2’s keynote ended with a surprise. Congratulations to Ray O’Farrell for becoming the new leader of our cloud-native efforts moving forward, and Greg Lavender—VMware’s new CTO!

VMware announced several significant innovations in networking and telco on Day 2. Read the latest on NSX Intelligence, NSX Advanced Load Balancer, NSX-T 2.5, Uhana, VMware Integrated OpenStack, and see links to our announcement blogs here: https://www.vmware.com/company/news/updates/vmworld-2019-innovation-for-our-multi-cloud-world.html

Announcing the release of #NSX-T 2.5: https://blogs.vmware.com/networkvirtualization/2019/08/nsx-t-2-5.html

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We’re getting one step closer to the #VirtualCloudNetwork and providing consistent #networking and #security everywhere.

VMware Pulse #IoT Center v2.0 on-premise will be generally available on Sep 5: https://blogs.vmware.com/edge/2019/08/27/vmware-pulse-iot-center-2-0-on-premise-release/

CEO, Pat Gelsinger interview on TheCUBE: https://video.cube365.net/c/919017

From On-Prem to Cloud: Building, Managing & Protecting Your Infrastructure

Tuesday was also the day I had the opportunity to discuss #hybridcloud with Mark Vaughn, Sr. Director of Integrated Services, Presidio, Aaron Buley, Global Director, VxRail Engineering Technologists, Dell EMC, and David Welch, CTO & Chief Evangelist, House of Brick Technologies https://twitter.com/virtualsheng/status/1166698738187829249

Looking forward to more announcements at VMworld Europe, November 4-7.