AWS re:Invent 2019 Keynote – Amazon Goes All In with Machine Learning

My second AWS re:Invent conference this year. Here’s a recap of the Tuesday morning keynote. AWS CEO, Andy Jassy on stage.

Key announcements:

  • Low Latency, Higher throughput instances
  • Serverless Support for Kubernetes
  • Customer moving off mainframes, databases and Windows
  • Customers moving from Data Silos to Data Lakes and in need of Big Data Analytics
  • Accelerate Compute with caching, announcing Aqua to keep up with storage performance
  • #DBFreedom – Complete family of purpose-built databases
  • Complete platform for Machine Learning including SageMaker Studio, web-based IDE for ML
  • Amazon Kendra, ML search index for your enterprise connecting to your internal data sources on-prem.
  • GA of AWS Outpost for Native AWS services. VMware Cloud on AWS Outpost available in 2020.
  • Mobile Edge Comput with 5G announced with first telco provider, Verizon


AWS is the clear Cloud leader today.


New ARM based instances announced.


Low latency, higher throughput instances.


Announcing Fargate for EKS (Serverless support for K8s).

Screenshot_20191203-083451_Samsung Internet

Summary of Compute Announcements


Customers moving off mainframe, Oracle/SQL and Windows.

Screenshot_20191203-085105_Samsung Internet

ISV and SaaS Providers

Screenshot_20191203-085545_Samsung Internet

System Integrators

Screenshot_20191203-085841_Samsung Internet

Customers are moving Data Silos to Data Lakes.

Screenshot_20191203-090140_Samsung Internet

Amazon S3, the most common object store for Data Lakes today.

Screenshot_20191203-090242_Samsung Internet

Challenges managing storage access.

Screenshot_20191203-090524_Samsung Internet

Announcing S3 Access Points.

Screenshot_20191203-090631_Samsung Internet

Big data analytics options with AWS.

Screenshot_20191203-090807_Samsung Internet

Tens of thousands of customers use Redshift.

Screenshot_20191203-090916_Samsung Internet

Amazon Redshift updates.

Screenshot_20191203-091203_Samsung Internet

Announcing RA3 instances.

Screenshot_20191203-091348_Samsung Internet

Storage performance growing at 6x VS CPU

Screenshot_20191203-091543_Samsung Internet.jpg

Accelerate Compute with caching, announcing Aqua, coming mid-2020

Screenshot_20191203-091654_Samsung Internet

Announcing UltraWarm, warm storage layer for ElasticSearch


Purpose built database options. There’s one missing, managing Cassandra.

Screenshot_20191203-092530_Samsung Internet

Announcing Amazon Managed Apache Cassandra Services.

Screenshot_20191203-092635_Samsung Internet

Complete family of purpose-built databases.

Screenshot_20191203-092738_Samsung Internet

Machine Learning continues to grow with customers.

Screenshot_20191203-093129_Samsung Internet

Customers using Machines Learning with AWS.

Screenshot_20191203-093140_Samsung Internet

Cerner on stage discussing state of Healthcare. $1 Trillion wasted.

Screenshot_20191203-093415_Samsung Internet

One of the issue is “re-admission” costs. Patients go back for second round of care. Using Machine Language (ML) to predict and prevent re-admission.

Screenshot_20191203-093643_Samsung Internet

40% of physicians are depressed. Using VirtualScribe to offer better experience, so physicians can spend more time with their patients.

Screenshot_20191203-093947_Samsung Internet

Frameworks for ML

Screenshot_20191203-094120_Samsung Internet

Customer running TensorFlow in AWS.

Screenshot_20191203-094136_Samsung Internet

Faster to run ML with AWS

Screenshot_20191203-094359_Samsung Internet.jpg

Complete set of tools for ML with Amazon SageMaker.

Screenshot_20191203-094449_Samsung Internet


Announcing SageMaker Studio, web-based IDE for ML

Screenshot_20191203-094705_Samsung Internet


Screenshot_20191203-095739_Samsung Internet

SageMaker Studio summary.

Screenshot_20191203-095847_Samsung Internet

Announcing Amazon Fraud Detector

Screenshot_20191203-100628_Samsung Internet

CodeGuru Profiler can detect latency and most expensive line of code.

Screenshot_20191203-101244_Samsung Internet

Announcing Amazon Connect – Contact center in the Cloud

Screenshot_20191203-101505_Samsung Internet

ML with Amazon Connect

Screenshot_20191203-101632_Samsung Internet

Announcing Amazon Kendra, ML search index for your enterprise connecting to your internal data sources on-prem.

Screenshot_20191203-102218_Samsung Internet

Amazon goes all in on ML!

Screenshot_20191203-102722_Samsung Internet

GA of AWS Outpost for Native AWS services.

Screenshot_20191203-103202_Samsung Internet

Two variants of AWS Outpost. VMware Cloud on AWS with Outpost coming in 2020.Screenshot_20191203-103453_Samsung Internet

The Eight Currentcies of 5G. “You need SDN. You need to virtualize your network.” — Chairman, CEO of Verizon

Screenshot_20191203-104051_Samsung Internet

Mobile Edge Compute with 5G

Screenshot_20191203-104316_Samsung Internet

Announcing AWS Wavelength, AWS services at the Edge. Verizon as the first provider to announce Verizon 5G Edge


That wraps up the re:Invent keynote!