January 2020 Update

See the strategy behind acquisitions in 2018 and 2019 come together!

“Digital transformation and the applications that drive it should not be restricted only to cloud and software giants.”, said Ray O’Farrell, VP of the new Modern App Platform team at VMware. The combination of Pivotal, Bitnami, and Heptio under the VMware umbrella empowers us to give our customers the agility they require. The community is noticing as still more Kubernetes leaders join VMware to help shape the future of applications.

Cloud Foundation 3.9.1 update news!  For a dot release, this version adds critical features on the road to NSX-T everywhere, like Application Virtual Networks.

HCX allows real ‘Cloud 2 Cloud’ mobility. What if you could connect two completely heterogeneous, isolated, legacy/modern clouds directly? If you could have two destination sites communicate directly – without the need to use a hub?

NSX Cloud simplifies a significant challenge in the networking space, multi-cloud network management.  NSX Cloud does this by removing the complexity associated with incompatible clouds. These are the five resources to start with if interested.

vSphere 6.0 End of General Support is March 2020.

vSphere 7.0 is also coming soon.

Speaking of vSphere –

vSpeaking Podcast Continuing the “Back to Basics” series, GSS Escalation Engineer Broc Yanda discusses vSphere networking. Broc explains how to get the best performance out of vSphere hosts networking, how to manage failover, and clears up other common networking misconceptions. Timely for those upgrading.

vSphere + Bitfusion – The Future of AI & ML “Bitfusion does for GPUs what vSphere did for CPUs” This tweet chat recap helps you understand what the integration of machine learning into vSphere means. This is happening in 2020, not some vague future! Another part of what you can look forward to soon.

New Posters! Who doesn’t like fresh posters for the office? The Network Insight SD-WAN & VeloCloud Search Poster is an excellent way to get started with the useful search queries that can be used to get information on your WAN.

Explore Zero Trust for the digital workspace in this Workspace Tech Zone video.

App Volumes receives a big update with version 4 Learn what’s new.

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Ending on a more personal note, part of why I work here is the culture. From our CEO down, VMware walks the talk, making a positive contribution to the community. Two things stuck out for me. First is our Citizen Philanthropy series of programs, which includes an employee donation matching to non-profits. Pretty awesome. Second, did you know that VMware is the founding partner of the Women Transforming Technology (WT2) Conference? Registration just opened up for the spring session.