Day 1 Recap of SpringOne

How Fiserv delivered a financial lifeline to 18,000 businesses at the height of COVID

State Farm moved 800 apps to cloud in 18 mo. with @VMwareTanzu @pivotallabs. What went well & what was hard:
*Growth & Scaling can happen too fast
*Repaving is easier than recovery
*Join a community, find a skilled partner
*Train your dev teams

Azure Spring Cloud, from VMware and Microsoft, is now GA

Gelsinger: Spring is a “jewel” of VMware’s modern apps franchise

No one likes latency. But one group in particular detests it: gamers. This is the world that Phil Clay, Principal Software Engineer at Blizzard Entertainment, lives in.

According to Colonel Jennifer M. Krolikowski, Senior Materiel Leader for Space C2, building software and aggregating data is a big part of the U.S. Space Force mission. Col. Krolikowski notes Space Force is collecting and processing data related to upcoming space launches, satellite conjunctions, atmospheric re-entry of space objects, and sensor status.