The Counterintuitively Fastest Path to App…

The Counterintuitively Fastest Path to App…

Executives leading small, medium, and large organizations now recognize software is a core business differentiator, and they are looking to their IT teams to accelerate innovation. IT leaders, in turn, are embracing the cloud for a competitive edge. Yet finding multi-cloud success has been harder than they ever imagined. After hearing our customers talk about

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vSphere 7.0 – Upgrade virtual VM hardware and…

vSphere 7.0 – Upgrade virtual VM hardware and…

This is the last phase of our upgrade process. In our last two articles, we successfully upgraded our vCenter Server from 6.7 to v7.0, and we then used vSphere Lifecycle Manager to upgrade our ESXi cluster from ESXi 6.7 to v7.0. Today’s post will discuss the upgrade of virtual machine hardware and VMware Tools.

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VMware Acquires Blue Medora True Visibility Suite

VMware Acquires Blue Medora True Visibility Suite Team and Products

By Ajay Singh, senior vice president and general manager, Cloud Management BU, VMware For two years, VMware has been on a journey to deliver self-driving operations management from applications to infrastructure to our customers via VMware vRealize Operations. Powered by AI and predictive analytics, vRealize Operations helps IT run production operations hands-off and hassle-free with The post VMware to Extend Self-Driving Operations with Acquisition of True Visibility Suite Team and Products…Read More

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July 2020 Update

From Paul Lemo, Field Evangelist:

Breaking News! VMware has announced its intent to acquire Datrium for DRaaS.

vSphere and VCF

Some things are best understood by getting your hands on the keyboard; this is why I’ve always loved our free Hands-On Labs. There is a chunky update this month for vSphere 7, including What’s New, Advanced Topics, Security and Kubernetes.

With vSphere 7, VMware has evolved how directpath I/O works – to be dynamic! This allows machines with assigned hardware to work across HA reboots onto different hosts. Also, there are two new patch sets for v7.0b, see the detail here.

ICYMI vSphere 6.0 hits End of General Support in December. Got any 6.0 hanging around? Time to be preparing an upgrade path. On the flip side, we’ve extended out support for 6.7 into 2022.

VCF 4.01 is here with NSX-T Cluster level support, multi-pNIC/multi-vDS during bring up, K8s in the management domain (w00t!) and underlying BOM updates. The new Hands on Lab for VCF 4.0 is up now too.

You one of those Home Lab ninjas? You may enjoy our VCF lab Constructor (VLC) for that lab. Check out the #vBrownBag on it.

Good to know that VCF is a strong backbone for any GPU as a Service offering you may be pondering – Part 1 and Part 2 of the ongoing series on GPU options. Don’t sleep on Machine Learning use cases kids! It’s the haps.


Is VMC easy to get started with? Check this four minute video to see for yourself.

Take a deep dive into all things VMware Cloud on AWS in our new Tech Zone! Full of technical content, use cases, expert opinion, tools and resources, it’s here to help you extend your capabilities and maximize the service’s potential for you.

Modern Apps

Check out Octant, our open source WebUI for IT operators of k8s clusters!

There are some authors that are always worth your time and I find Mike West to be one of those folks. His article on shared infrastructure services and the shift from to smaller k8s clusters aligned with dev or project teams or even applications is another example.

Networking  and Security

The acquisition of LastLine is complete! There are few security companies that have the footprint of end points and network sensors to deliver this broad security context as we do! Together, Lastline, NSX and Carbon Black will further enable VMware’s vision of Intrinsic Security.

Service insertion is one of the key points of NSX being a true platform. Gigamon’s GigaVUE Cloud Suite has met the certification requirements for NSX-T.

Along those platform lines, native automation is, to me, the most important feature of NSX –speed of service delivery with consistency is a super power. Here is a look at 7 Reasons Why it’s so important.

Covid19 has put a sharp focus on SD-WAN technologies. Here we share Best Practices for scaling, the power of VeloCloud and Workspace One coming together for global zero trust services and a real world look at radiologists using SD-WAN to better connect to and service their patients.


In the words of Shia… Just do it! Join the hundreds of new customers going HCI with vSAN every week!

The bookmark worthy Virtual Blocks shares design considerations for dedupe and compression as well as a look into dynamic memory management.

Are you pounding a VDI cluster harder than ever? Intel and VMware have a new integrated select solution for you to simplify deployment and deliver performance that blows the roof off.


vR Automation 8.1 is rocking and so is the new ServiceNow ITSM plugin.

John Dias is an author whose work I always check out and recently he talked about automating the install and lifecycle of the telegraf agent for vR Ops possible in new, awesome ways with vR Operations 8.1 John leverages the event broker of vRA. John also looks at the powers of the best product we don’t sell, our Orchestrator.

‘Vernie’ as we call vRNI affectionately (aka Network Insight) has many uses across clouds thanks to its intelligence and ease of use, this month we highlight managing PCI compliance with vRNI.

There’s so much good vExpert stuff going on I’m going to send you to the last digest so you can see both recent posts and some of the key contributors. We appreciate our vExperts!


ICYMI VMWorld 2020 registration is open and free to all! Get on that!

And if you forgot the VMware Learning Zone free subscription offer is still valid. What are you waiting for?! There are new courses added every month.

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